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Wool Rug in Natural White and Brown Melange Stripe with Black Stitching Details 9.8' x 13.2'

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*** Because of its size, this rug was photographed while folded in half! ***

Embark on a journey through Afghanistan's hidden beauty with these fabulous rugs.

Throughout its history, Afghanistan has stood as a vital crossroads, influenced by diverse civilizations.

This country is a tapestry of stories—of war, love, enmity, and beauty. Memories of the past, understanding the present, and envisioning the future find expression through poetry, ancient proverbs, and a deep-rooted tradition of oral history.

In a rich tradition of craftsmanship, objects convey wisdom, echoing the diverse geography and history of Afghanistan. As a cultural and commercial hub along the Silk Road, the country has been a nexus for artistic, musical, religious, and economic exchanges between East and West for centuries.

Despite three decades of war impacting Afghanistan's economy, heritage, and culture, artists and craftsmen have quietly preserved the seeds of cultural richness, nurturing their practices amid risks and threats. While much has been lost, the enduring mark of Afghanistan's cultural legacy persists.

Dimensions: Approximately 9' 10" x 13' 2"