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About us

 “No bunk. No junk. No imitations.”

-Barney Pressman, founder, Barney’s New York


Inspired by Mr. Pressman's vision, I aim to connect you to beautiful and unique home furnishings and adornments from all over the world. When you enter my home and lifestyle store, I want you to be able to take home something special: a hand-selected 19th century Louis Philippe mirror from the Paris flea market; a sheepskin lounge chair from a small artisan in Turkey; a piece of the hottest jewelry from Greece; a gorgeous Persian carpet; handmade porcelain dishes from Australia; or a different gem entirely chosen from Homebody’s trove of curated treasures. So much of what is available today looks similar from store to store. My job is to gather the uncommon item, something that is both lovely and rare, and bring it to you to individualize the space in which you live, to give you a hygge home -- a home full of contentment or well-being.

Dory Pratt, Founder

Our mission

Homebody strives to be Denver's alternative to the big box stores one sees throughout our city. We subscribe to the philosophy of Georgia O’Keeffe, who, in rebelling against the mass output of the Industrial Revolution, promoted the idea that everything a person chooses to live with -- art, clothing, home decor -- should reflect a visually pleasing aesthetic, and should be done beautifully. Thus we embrace hand-made items derived and produced from individual creativity and skill.

Hand selected

Every item in Homebody has been carefully hand selected with love for you and will bring a splash of beauty into your home and life. I trust that it is as fun for you to shop here as it is for us to gather the pieces! We carry beautiful items from Europe, Africa, South and Central America, Australia, Iran, India, Japan and the US.

Our products

We carry a constantly evolving selection of fresh inventory for both you and your home that includes pillows, throws, rugs, lighting, furniture, bath and table linens, pottery, glassware, flatware, candles, coffee table books, decorative items, bath and body products, scarves, hats, fine jewelry, unique bags and pouches, gifts and much, much more.

At Homebody we stock products that catch our eye and excite our senses.

We hope that you will find a specially selected item that attracts your fancy too!