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Tuiskut Blanket with Stripe 51" x 79"

Color: Yellow
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These blankets have a crushed natural texture, in the spirit of Norwegian nature. One side is made of Finnish Lamb Wool, as soft as the moss of lush Norwegian forests. The other side is made from natural linen, crushed like the cliffs of Norway's Archipelago. This reversible blanket's wool side keeps you warm when it's cold out and its linen side stays cool when it's warm out. The perfect blanket for all seasons!

The founder of the company, Kati Hienonen, is a welcoming, warm woman who relates that the Bonden name is a celebration of the Finnish legend Bonden Paavo, a determined peasant farmer who survived the years of bad harvests by doubling the leftover flour with the bark of pinewood each year during three tough years to make the flour last longer and stave off starvation.

Just like Bonden Paavo, this company's products use natural materials in new and creative ways in the spirit of Nordic design.

Kati: "We have a heritage of nomadic lifestyle where multi-usability, natural aesthetics, and practicality were essential properties to make the living possible in harsh conditions. With limited resources, it was vital to create everything with a deep respect for nature. These same properties, with the easiness and longevity of style, we try to bring to Bonden living products."

These natural- and non-treated materials are not only ecological but they contribute towards the greater wellness of all of us, the consumers. In these blankets, the most natural, non-toxic, and purest materials are used. The plant-dyed colors are inspired by the Nordic wild plants of birch, pine, woad, and willow.

Enjoy the harmony of living, the feeling that your daily rhythm is in balance with you and nature.

Size: appx. 130 x 200 cm

Material: 42% Finnish lamb wool, 13% natural linen, 45% organic cotton