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The Naxos Apothecary Bar Soap 250g.

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A soap bar formulated with natural herbs that gently purify the skin and soften the soul.

Koronos has a powdery and musky fragrance inspired by the northeast of Greece.

Chora has a fruity and floral scent inspired by the island's capital and its sunsets.

Chalki has citrus and floral scents and is inspired by the sunshine and springtime of the Cycladic islands.

The Naxos Apothecary is a company that has its roots in Mr. Tzivanidis' Pharmacy, the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Greece, which was established in 1988. Located in Athens, the pharmacy was known for its homeopathy remedies, phytotherapy products, and herbal cosmetics, which were popular among the Athenians.

Nearly 30 years later, the founders of The Naxos Apothecary, who were passionate about their homeland on the island of Naxos, decided to create a new company in the center of Athens, near Syntagma Square. The Naxos Apothecary continues the legacy of Mr. Tzivanidis' Pharmacy, and also incorporates the history, culture, heritage, and endemic flora of Naxos into its extensive line of phytotherapy formulas and herbal cosmetic products.