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Sema Nettle Cushion 16" x 24"

Color: Ochre (Metis) Line
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This collection values the natural material and traditional weavings of expert Himalayan craftsmen. Wild nettle is one of the longest plants in the world, growing in abundance in the Himalayan heights. In addition to the strong resistance of the nettle, the aesthetics of the artisanal weaving are enhanced by the irregularity of the spinning and hand weaving, emphasizing the nuances of cream color and texture. Sweetened with clay, the transformation of wild nettle is respectful of man and nature. Ecological, nettle is a precious raw material, considered as a mystical plant with a thousand virtues. A source of positive balance, nettle fiber has a positive and protective electromagnetic field. The SEMA designs are woven by hand on traditional looms and offer different versions on each side. The clean graphic lines are inspired by the tribal ornaments of North East India.

Size: 16" x 24"

Materials: 100% nettle fiber softened with clay

Weaving: Manual on ancient looms

Origin: France and Himalaya

Finishes: Zipped closure / Removable cover

Delivered with its interior padding

The cover of the Séma line cushion is removable for easy care. Nettle fiber is a precious material. To care for it, dry cleaning or gentle hand washing in cold water is the best choice. Avoid placing your cushion in a dryer. For best care, let your cushion cover air dry. This will also minimize energy consumption.