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Pikoc Scented Mist 200ml

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Use as a laundry mist or indoor mist.

Pikoc scented mists bring freshness and softness to your home. Composed of an odor neutralizer of natural origin , these mists will capture bad smells including tobacco, frying and perspiration.

A mist that will change your daily life, to use without limit!

200 mL

Flash of Iris: Elegance, beauty, sobriety, this fragrance speaks for itself with a downy, fresh and fruity scent. An ode to joy and serenity.

Mythic Wood: A comforting and elegant wave of freshness. The rawness of pine, the strength of cedarwood and the softness of sandalwood will accompany you all day long.

Orange Flowers: An invitation to travelling, the sun, to summer. The neroli in its splendor fuses its honey and citrus notes to offer you a fresh and vibrant solar scent.