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Mud Australia Pebble Bowl XL

Color: Citrus
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Introducing the Pebble Bowl Extra Large, a meticulously designed serving piece that truly shines during special events. With its understated elegance, this bowl effortlessly captures attention. Pushing the technical boundaries of porcelain casting, its large size adds to its remarkable presence, making it a versatile and captivating centerpiece. Whether stacked with seasonal produce or left spare, it can be admired as a stunning sculpture in its own right.

Every piece of Mud Australia is lovingly handmade in their Sydney-based studio, embodying the artistic spirit of Australia. Embracing the artisanal nature of our creations, slight variations in size, glaze, and texture add to the allure of each piece, showcasing their individuality and should be cherished.

Dimensions (length x width x height):

20" diameter x 3.5"high

Available for in store pick up only.