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Mariage Freres 100gr. Box Loose Tea

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Founded in 1854, Mariage Frères is a luxury gourmet tea company based in Paris, and we are proud to carry their teas!

Fuji Yama: Grown on the surrounding slopes of Fuji Yama, a sacred mountain and source of artistic inspiration since long ago, this tea offers enthusiasts an excellent initiation to the subtleties of Japanese green tea.

Black Leopard: The long, obsidian black leaves release unique notes of smoked ebony accentuated by strong, malted aromas.

Rouge Opera: As the curtain rises, our hearts resonate with the harmony of this lyrical elixir. For the very first time, it unites the melodious essence of red fruits and precious spices, gracefully complemented by vanilla and the tender, sweet nuances of red tea.

Fantome de L'Opera: A romantic and mysterious composition of green tea with the scent of delicious citrus – grapefruit, orange, lemon – sprinkled with ginger, rose petals, blue flowers, and pomegranate.

Rouge Metis: This aptly named 'cross-breed' is a sophisticated fusion of red tea with fruit, citrus notes, spices, and floral elements.

Temple De L'Aube: Its green leaves' floral and invigorating flavor is elevated by hints of citrus and exotic fruits, with a subtle infusion of gentle spices, creating an unparalleled abundance of sweet and sublime sensations.

Rouge Bourbon: Infused with the richness of 'Bourbon vanilla,' this red tea exudes exceptional finesse. Its subtle aroma, delicate flavor, and complete theine-free profile make it perfect for enjoyable moments.

De-Stress: An exquisite green tea, low in theine, adorned with vervain, tea flowers, orange zest, lavender, chamomile, tilia, and cornflower for a soothing and comforting blend.

Montagne de Jade: Jade, a symbol of purity and perfection, represents the harmonious union of heaven and earth. This blend artfully combines a green tea with the alluring scents of the renowned 'Montagne d’Or' tea, resulting in a captivating jade-colored infusion.