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Long Tibetan Necklace with Semi Precious and Pendant Stone VVVV

Color: Corrundum Pink
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The origin of these necklaces started from a deep fascination for a particular necklace, leading its creator to a serendipitous encounter with three Tibetan nuns. These nuns, having endured years of imprisonment in Lhasa for their involvement in peaceful demonstrations against the Chinese occupation, had acquired the skill of crafting intricate jewelry using micro-macrame techniques.

Since 2009, they have found refuge in Belgium and remain an integral part of the creator's family. Over time, the brand has expanded and evolved through new connections and creations. Today, these necklaces come from skilled artisans located in Kashmir and Rajasthan.

Each piece of our jewelry is unique, crafted from faceted gemstones and resilient yet delicate threads. These creations exude refinement and poetry, each possessing a soul and a captivating story.

This handmade necklace features a faceted corundum pendant suspended from a durable golden beige thread adorned with tourmaline and zirconium beads.

Corundums, also known as sapphires, are believed to heighten intuition and clairvoyance. They provide valuable insights into challenging emotions, aiding in personal growth.

Please note that each necklace is unique and thus may vary somewhat from those pictured.