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Ladies Polo "Althea", Light Blue

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Meet Althea Gibson, the trailblazing first African-American tennis champion!

Born in 1927, her historic triumph unfolded on the clay courts of Paris on May 26, 1956. In an era marred by racial segregation, Althea's victory marked a monumental milestone, shattering barriers and inspiring generations.

Navigating through the entrenched racism and prejudice of 1950s America, Althea's journey to the top was a testament to her resilience. Denied the basic rights of accommodation and access, she persevered, overcoming not just her opponents on the court but also societal injustices.

With 11 Major titles to her name, including 5 in singles, Althea's legacy transcends tennis courts. She emerged as an emblem of the civil rights movement, her indomitable spirit echoing the struggles and triumphs of an entire community.

Her pioneering achievements laid the groundwork for future African-American champions, among them the illustrious Arthur Ashe, ensuring that her legacy endures far beyond the confines of the tennis arena.