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Kustavi Blanket with Color Block and Waffle Pattern 51" x 79"

Color: blue
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These Finnish blankets induce a feeling of relaxation and quiet moment at home or outdoors. By the materials used and the textures designed, they connect the senses to Nordic nature: from the rough cliffs of the archipelago to the smooth texture of moss growing in the Finnish woodlands. 

These blankets are made only from the most natural, non-toxic and purest materials, such as wool from the Finnish sheep as our main material to combine it with natural, non-dyed linen, and organic wool (GOTS-cerificated). By using Finnish lamb wool the maker also is using her Finnish resources more wisely, since approximately 80% of it is normally thrown away as a waste.


Enjoy the harmony of living, the feeling that your daily rythm is in balance with you and nature.

These plant-dyed colors are inspired by the Nordic wildplants, birch (latin: betula), pine (latin:pinus), woad (latin:isatis tinctoria) and willow (latin:salix).

In the North during different seasons the amount of daylight changes from darkness of winter to vivid summer light. This has been the idea of grading texture of the fabric. 

Smooth jumbo waffle texture

Size: appx. 130x200 cm

Material: 55 % Finnish lamb wool, 45% organic wool