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Astier de Villatte Incense Box 125 pieces

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Each box holds 125 sticks.

Namche Bazar: A blend of black tea, dried hay, and a touch of tobacco smoke. Indulge in the scents of Patchouli, Yerba Maté, and Musk, balanced by the delicate freshness of Verveine and Aromatic Lavender.

Villa Medicis: Inspired by the grand gardens of a Roman Villa. Notes of lemon tree leaves, lavender, and oregano flowers mingle with the woody aroma of towering cedars. The essence of ancient stones basked in the sun's warmth.

Stockholm: King Gustav II once gave his Viking warriors a bitter herbal elixir for strength. This intoxicating mix of wild plants, aloe, clove, lavender, and myrrh emanates from the incense.

Porte des Lilas: A journey back in time to Porte des Lilas, where lilacs spill over garden fences. Surround yourself with the lush and verdant scents, accented by hints of rose and jasmine.

Delhi: Experience a ride through the narrow streets of The Old City on a rickshaw. The monsoon season is near, and the air is filled with the aromatic blend of hundreds of spices, including Myrrh, Musk, Styrax, and Betel. Smoky Vanilla wood and eucalyptus and herbs complete the mix.

Nara: This peaceful Japanese town is home to stunning temples and parks with roaming deer. The winding alleys are scented with the exquisite fragrance of sandalwood, enhanced by a hint of sweet and sensual jasmine.

Buenos Aires: On a warm summer night, in a vibrant corner of the city, you can enjoy a cold drink on the terrace while listening to the sounds of tango dancers. The beautiful music blends with the scent of white flowers, creating an intoxicating atmosphere.