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Hand Cream 50ml

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These fragranced organic hand creams are crafted with pure vegetable lipids, fragranced using yuzu, wood, tulip, and fir perfumes.

Silky, light, and very absorbent. Long-lasting and deeply nurturing. Light and rich at the same time. Could that possibly work? Yes! A hand cream that not only cares and moisturizes but also frees you up, as the lipids remain dispensed and skin-deep. Now, the results are in! 

Free from petroleum products, parabens, and color. Supplied in a convenient, 50 ml, the glossy aluminum tube that is fully recyclable.

Yuzu is a citrus scent perhaps best described as a mineral-faceted citrus scent; a delicate blend of mandarin and grapefruit. It is not shrill like most citrus fruits but rather persuades quietly.

Oud: Once the host tree is stricken by a certain kind of mold, it secretes resin in defense, turning virgin wood dark. From that darkness, the coveted oud oil is extruded by means of steam distillation; generously wooden with resinous spikes.

Fir boasts a balsamic wood aroma as well as a resounding top note with crisp, fleeting pinene.

Tulip smells like a freshly harvested bouquet of tulips: still cool from outdoors, with close-fitting petals and watery stalks.