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Hand Woven Chattaï Carpet 49" x 73"

Color: Black
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Chattaï are floor mats traditionally made in villages in India to cover the floors of houses. They are hand-woven from natural materials. Flexible, light, easy to roll and move around homes, they soften contact with the ground and protect against heat. They perfectly dress the surfaces of the houses in an authentic and minimalist style, borrowing from the poetry of "Arte Povera". They can also be used as wall hangings. We juxtapose them, assemble them to cover the floors. They bring a feeling of well-being to the interiors and exteriors. They protect against heat thanks to the insulating quality of hemp and flax when walked on with bare feet. The associations of natural, ecological, spun, dyed and hand-woven yarns associated with our design give them a unique touch and hand. The hemp threads have a massaging effect softened by an organic cotton weft. Linen brings softness. The designs are inspired by the leaves of Katmauli, an Indian lucky plant, as a sign of welcome. The rugs are woven on traditional horizontal wooden looms with 2 arms by artisan weavers.

Size: 125 x 185 cm // 49" x 73"

Materials: 70% hemp / 20% linen / 10% cotton

Weaving: Manual on old looms

Care: Dry cleaning