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Fireplace Tools Companion Set Emma Powder Coated and Brass (No Leather)

Color: black
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We proudly present this companion set as the most thoughtfully designed collection of fire tools available in the market. Conventional sets typically include four tools of equal length, resulting in a mismatched usability where the poker⁠ might be just right, but the shovel becomes impractical due to its overly long handle and undersized blade. However, the visionary Swedish designer Louise approached each tool with a clear understanding of its intended function, resulting in a set that stands apart.

Highlighted Features:

  • Blow poker: Not just for poking and managing the fire, it can also serve as a substitute for a bellows. Simply blow into the brass mouthpiece at the end to ignite the flames.
  • Brush: Crafted from a special blend of horsehair and Tampico (the root of the agave cactus) for effective and durable fireplace cleaning.
  • Shovel: Designed with a deep blade to effortlessly remove ashes without causing any spills.
  • Tongs: Facilitate easy single-handed use, allowing you to hold the screen with your free hand.

Materials: Crafted from powder-coated steel, black stained beechwood sourced from sustainable forests in France, and black anodized aluminum.

Dimensions: Width: 24 cm / Depth: 19 cm / Height: 73 cm

Weight: 4.7 Kg