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Fiore Wylde Intent Necklace, 18kt Yellow Gold

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Fiore Wylde: A Meaningful Collection of Fine Jewelry made with Good Vibrations by Tiffany Bausch Weld

Tiffany possesses a deep-rooted affinity for nature and is captivated by the boundless energy of the Earth, Sun, and Space. She firmly believes that our thoughts, intentions, and words have the power to align our frequencies with the natural world. This profound philosophy, coupled with her fascination with ancient mysticism and ancient civilizations, serves as the guiding force behind her artistic expression.

In her creations, Tiffany skillfully weaves together an array of eclectic patterns, sculptural elements, and the play of light, resulting in exquisite jewelry and ceramic art.

The Fiore Wylde collections are purposefully designed, with each piece carrying a unique energy imbued with the intention of fostering a positive connection between the item and its owner.

16-18 neckalce length. 2.84" banner width. 

Engraved with the following: "Like the moon and the stars and the sea".

*Can also be special ordered with a personal message engraved. 8-10 weeks lead time. Add $100 for custom engraving.