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Double Moon Sculpture White

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A work of art by the designer Kristina Dam, the base of this sculpture is handmade out of the most beautiful white marble. Pieces of mirrors are stuck in the marble pedestal. Placed in a sunlit room, the sculpture will reflect the light. Use it as an art piece or as a small mirror. The base of the Double Moon Sculptures are actually made from the waste marble from the production of urns. Interior designers worldwide have a special love for this remarkable sculptural mirror sculpture; it has been used in many interior stylings of hotels and lobby areas; because this handsome sculpture has a profound appearance, the piece strengthens the looks of interior stylings. The Double Moon Sculpture is a bright and sparkling sculpture that brings a heart-warming feeling to your interior. Use the Double Moon Sculpture as an art piece in your living room or as a small and unique bathroom mirror. The Double Moon Sculpture is a special handmade product – the size may vary a bit from batch to batch but the beauty of the Double Moon Sculpture is timeless!

Materials: Marble and Antique + Normal Mirror

Dimensions: Length 26 cm x width 12 cm x height 29 cm

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