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Be Bici My Friend 160gr./180ml.

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This protective balm, Be Bici, is designed to provide better comfort and long-lasting protection during long bike rides and to prevent saddle friction and friction between your thighs and armpits in the summer. Our natural, hand-blended ingredients form a protective film on your skin, making it perfect as an anti-chafing, chamois, and protective cream. It is also a lip balm to prevent dry fingertips and protect against cool winds.

Be Bici is enriched with CO2 rosemary extract and Lavender oil, which possess antioxidative, antimicrobial, and inhibiting properties. Additionally, it promotes blood circulation, making it effective care for poorly perfused skin.

To use Be Bici, apply it to the parts of your body prone to rubbing and chafing, whether you're on the saddle or your legs or armpits rub when walking, hiking, or running in the summer. Likewise, it protects against sore nipples and blisters on your heels. Thanks to the perfectly combined raw materials, Be Bici works extremely resistant to pressure on the skin, making it particularly smooth and soft.

Give yourself the best you deserve! This family-owned small business uses the finest organic herbs and oils, and carefully selected high-quality ingredients, and everything is handcrafted with love for you.

Contains a chamois & anti-chafing cream in a lavender & rosemary scent.

Made from the cleanest ingredients in Salzberg, Austria.