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Baobab Collection Maxi Wax Max24

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Malia, named after the Swahili word for "queen," stands as the most regal candle in our Maxi Wax collection. Adorned with a glass decoration in hues of green and coral, it unveils an almost kinetic flower design. When lit, the flame dances through the glass, enchanting the object with a touch of magic. Experience the enchantment of glass paired with a fragrance marked by hyacinth, lily, and almond blossom.

Hyacinth - Lily - Almond Blossom

Malia embodies the essence of a queen—the majestic, seductive woman strolling the beaches of the Ivory Coast. A delicate fragrance emerges from a bouquet of floral notes featuring hyacinth and lily. The refined, feminine quality is accentuated by the gourmet almond blossom as the base note, imparting an alluring touch to the fragrance.

Height 24 cm // Burn time 400 hours // 5 wicks // 11.44 lbs