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Nudo Rug Large

Color: cream/ beige/ caramel brown
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Dimensions: Aproximately 6' x 7.25'

Each Nudo Rug is handmade from wool in small workshops in the Colombian city of Cajicá, where the local craftsmen and craftswomen still know the traditional weaving and knotting techniques. Made entirely by hand, it takes four days to prepare and dye the wool, while the making of the actual rug takes eight days – each individual warp and weft is completed manually.

Care instructions Some shedding will occur when vacuuming the rug, especially in the beginning. We recommend cutting loose threads with a scissor or pulling them in with a crochet needle. Vacuum rug regularly on a low suction setting to prevent lint buildup. To protect the colors, avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight over long periods and change its position regularly so the colors age evenly. We also recommend using an anti-slip underlay to reduce dust collection. Only use a professional rug cleaning service for the entire rug. Each rug is woven by hand, so the dimensions can vary minimally. Do not alter it yourself, as this could damage the knotting.