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30 Tea Bags, Mariage Freres

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Founded in 1854, Mariage Frères is a luxury gourmet tea company based in Paris, and we are proud to carry their teas!

Jasmin Mandarin: a sweet green tea scented with Chinese jasmine blossoms. This jasmine tea follows a time-honored tradition. At dawn, thousands of delicate jasmine flowers are meticulously layered with the tea leaves and buds, allowing the tea to absorb the natural fragrance. This process is repeated multiple times to infuse the essence deep within the tea. Between perfumings, the tea is dried again, welcoming freshly plucked flowers for more aroma. After giving up their delightful jasmine scent, the dried flowers are carefully hand-collected. The result is an all-natural jasmine tea, ready to be savored.

De-Stress: Elevate your daily moments of relaxation with Mariage Frères' creation, the De-stress Tea. This exquisite green tea, gentle in Theine content, is adorned with vervain, tea flowers, orange zest, lavender, chamomile, tilia, and cornflower, creating a soothing and comforting blend. An escape from the chaos of the world!