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Veja Rug Linen and Wool 63 x 85"

Color: Red/ Off White
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The Véjà rug is hand-woven by women artisans in the villages of the northern Baltic Sea, where many houses still have a manual loom. Deeply rooted in social and cultural life, the weaving of the “Véjà” collection combines traditional techniques and a new design approach. The strength and simplicity of its design draw its inspiration from the symbolism of the Baltic countries, a major characteristic of which is the dominant geometric and symmetrical lines inspired by nature and the plant world.

The Véjà rug is made of completely natural linen and wool materials; the materials most used in the making of traditional costumes of the Baltic States. The 5-thread wool and linen weave gives it excellent insulating power and durability. Soft to the touch and in contact with the skin, its materials make you want to walk barefoot and stretch out on the ground. The high-quality linen of the “Vélà” carpet is made on old looms from natural flax filaments and is only handmade. The threads are mothproof. The strength and simplicity of the “Vélà” carpet affirm the elegance of today's interiors.

Dimensions: 63" x 85"

Materials: 80% wool / 20% linen

Weaving: manual on looms

Origin: France and Latvia

These wools and linens are precious materials. To take care of it, dry cleaning is the best choice.