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Sharing Brique Cup Petale

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17 cm diameter

Since 1857.

Made in France.

From its roots in horticultural pottery through to today’s much sought-after contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware, this ceramicist's history spans more than 150 years… Since it was founded, the traditional craft of potters’ skills passed down the generations still lives on today with the related making secrets of their forebears being closely guarded. This rich skills resource has earned it EPV status (Entreprise Francaise du Patrimoine Vivant (French Companies of Living Heritage).

During this ‘grand feu’ firing at 2850F, the clays that make up its refined body become vitrified (the state at which the china and glaze melts and fuses together to form non-porous ware) and allows stoneware to reach the status of ‘noble ceramic.' We could list all the reasons why stoneware gets this distinction but this would be long but it is unique to this ceramics line. It is certainly the most resistant and the most natural ceramic material. Thanks to this high fire and vitrification process, stoneware reminds us how rock was formed some millions of years ago with the trilogy of “earth, water, and fire”. As if it was a living thing stoneware comes from nature and is returned to it.