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BE CREAM MY FRIEND Face and Body Cream Iris 120ML

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What do a martial arts icon and cosmetics have in common? A lot when it comes to BE [...] MY FRIEND, because a saying by Bruce Lee inspired the sustainable, vegan cosmetics label from Austria to his name. BE [...] MY FRIEND focuses on concentrating on the essentials: a few traditional and purely natural active ingredients are mixed into multifunctional combination products which, thanks to their high quality, meet all the needs of modern body and facial care without filling the bathroom full.

"Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow ... Be water, my friend," Bruce Lee once recommended. The Austrian Petra Schröckeneder successfully translates this advice on her label BE [...] MY FRIEND into cosmetic products that are multifunctional and change their shape as needed — just like water.

The clip in the name stands as a placeholder and is filled with a function that the product fulfills, but this is not the only possible application. Since the high-quality ingredients of the combination products neither dry out the skin on the hands nor on
the body, but instead provide it with valuable moisture, the soap is simultaneously a shower gel and the body lotion a hand cream. The peeling pampers the skin with rock salt from Bad Aussee and works just as well as a bath additive, while the special beard shampoo can also be used to clean the face and as shaving soap. In winter, the lip balm protects the cheeks and nose from the cold and the detergent not only cleans glasses and dishes but can also be used for washing laundry.

Clean and well-groomed with a clear conscience: The products of BE [...] MY FRIEND consist of natural plant extracts in organic quality as well as high-quality oils and waxes — for example sunflower and grape seed oil. The active ingredients, including herbs such as mallow and lemon balm or rock salt from Bad Aussee, have been known as remedies for centuries. Their positive properties have unfortunately been somewhat forgotten over time, but BE [...] MY FRIEND has rediscovered them and combined them into highly effective products.

Depending on the recipe, the products are supplemented by other natural ingredients such as cocostensides, flower distillates, shea butter and scientifically proven active ingredient complexes. The highly effective care products are free of dyes, parabens, mineral oil, aluminum, silicones, plasticizers, formaldehyde and PEGs and none of the ingredients have been tested on animals. In addition, the list of ingredients is short, The shelf life of cosmetics is guaranteed by multifunctionals, whose antimicrobial activity transforms most formulations into self-preserving products without the use of traditional preservatives. The natural glycerinecontained in the multifunctionals also moisturizes, while the slightly acidic ingredients
improve the skin's natural acid protection.

Thanks to BE [...] MY FRIEND's versatile products, bathrooms and toilet bags remain pleasantly empty and tidy and the ecological footprint low. Those who opt for cosmetics from the label always have a thoroughly sustainable product in their hands: the majority of the ingredients come from local production and the cosmetics are developed, mixed and bottled in Salzburg and the surrounding area. In addition a resource-conserving, socially responsible production, the label relies on recyclable packaging. And the cardboard boxes are made in Salzburg, out of recycled paper.

The majority of the products are filled in environmentally friendly, recycled amber glass, which provides optimum protection against light and excessive temperature fluctuations and is also refillable. Two things count especially for BE [...] MY FRIEND: your skin and our environment.

Made in Austria

All Natural Ingredients