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Talisman Bracelet, Heart

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What if, by an imaginary journey, we rediscover the spirit of Marrakech? Hand-crafted by artisans, natural wooden beads in the colors of spices blend with gold thread, the precious words of the Red City, and symbols.

Each bracelet is made from a single precious metal thread, hand-crafted, and on-demand in a Parisian workshop. Each craftsman puts all their know-how and their love into the realization of your piece! The threading of natural wood beads is done by hand in the same Parisian workshops. The color shades of the wood beads may vary slightly. All models of the Marrakech collection are one size. The elasticity of the thread allows bracelets and necklaces to suit all sizes.

Material: 14k yellow gold filled

Care Instructions: It is best to remove your jewelry before dressing or undressing, to also remove it before sleeping, and avoid any contact with household products.