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Round Jar Large White/Buttermilk

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This artist produces ceramic vessels that are all at once timeless, yet have qualities of sensual modernity and of an archaeological find. She describes her process as a natural collaboration between herself and the materials involved in the creation of each piece. The result is artwork imbued with simple elegance and beauty in imperfection. A paradoxical feeling of both stillness and movement is created in each hand-made vessel. They are sculptural, textured vessels born out of intuitive authenticity.

Each of these pieces is made by hand, and is, therefore “one-of-a-kind.” The ceramic vases and bowls have a “wabi-sabi” handmade appearance. The artist uses textures, markings, and intentionally preserved irregularities in order to add to the overall esthetic. These ceramic vases are made from porcelain, which is a vitreous (glass-like) material after it is fired. The exteriors of the vessels are left unglazed, with a glazed interior finish. Porcelain is watertight even without glaze, allowing these to be used as vases or watertight bowls.

Material: white porcelain

Dimensions: 9" height x 6" width