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Mirror Durga 15x12cm

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Two sisters. Their objects are born from the whimsical and generous imagination of two good hearts who believe in their lucky stars and know how to magnify everyday life with detail. The result is touching, offbeat, breathtaking. Serious but with light, bright eyes, the spirit of the creators. They draw their inspiration from their beautiful family history and from the influences of the 1000 regions of their imagination. With India as a backdrop. Art is a talent passed on by their mother during their childhood. Prolific inheritance and transcended by two free souls who choose, after their respective adventures, to create with hearts and in pairs. First, there will be a shop, with a few items created together. Here, the good heart appears. Religious objects will be their source of joyful inspiration. Birth of an atypical young brand born from a common passion for life and strongly displayed influences.