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Mara Blanket

Color: Off White
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Spirituality in the Baltic countries is still alive and well, and has been perpetuated through poetry, music, and the art of weaving. This spirituality is found in rich and varied geometric figures. These figures, which are full of meaning, can be found throughout the Baltic region in the form of stone alignments, runes, weaving, embroidery, and traditional clothing.

Using a complex hand weaving technique, the Mara Off-White blanket reinterprets these geometric symbols in its graphic lines. Mille et Claire presents traditional Baltic materials and skills in a new light. The designs are entirely handmade on old looms. The 100% pure wool, these blankets are warm and generous.

Mara blankets can be used as blankets, throws, or sofa covers. They blend subtly with furniture made of natural materials such as wood, concrete, and wicker.

Dimensions: 160 x 210 cm (63" x 83")

Materials: 100% pure wool // double thread

Weaving: by hand on old looms

Origin: France and Latvia

Colors: Unbleached wool yarns / Cobalt Blue, Pink, Tobacco, Orange & Black lines

These wools are precious materials. To care for them, dry cleaning or gentle hand washing in cold water are the best choices. Avoid placing your Mara Off-White Blanket in a dryer. For best care, let your blanket air dry. This will also minimize energy consumption.