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Long Tibetan Necklace with Semi Precious and Pendant Stone VV

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Made in India by Tibetan nuns in exile there.

A faceted amethyst or rose pink quartz pendant on a resistant thread, strewn with ruby, tsavorite, carnelian, blue sapphire, and zirconium beads (amethyst necklace) or tourmaline and zirconium beads (pink quartz necklace). A stone of wisdom and humility, amethyst promotes concentration and meditation, attracting calm and serenity. It is known to help with stress, fear, and tension. Rose Quartz is known to promote love, peace, and gentleness. It reinforces self-confidence, helps to heal emotional wounds, and find acceptance. Handmade necklaces.

Gemstone dimension: 1.5 cm x 2 cm

Thread color: plum

Care advice: Resistant to freshwater Avoid salt water, chlorinated water, and all corrosive or abrasive products.