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Jacquard Turkish Hand Towel

Color: plum/ecru
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I have these same hand towels for my master bath and love them! They have the perfect combination of expert craftsmanship from a longstanding tradition and contemporary feel with nuanced details. These hand towels are crafted from premium cotton to achieve the highest quality, softest, most durable, and best absorbent hand towel possible. You will love indulging yourself with these for many years to come!

Dimensions: 30" x 16"

Made in Turkey

Handloom hand towel with fringe

What is the difference between a hand towel and a washcloth? A Washcloth is smaller and typically is used with soap to wash parts of your body. Hand towels are larger and usually hung alongside the sink in order to dry your hands after washing.

How to fold a hand towel? While there is no one method, here is an easy and effective method. (1) Place the towel down on a flat surface with its tag facing upwards. (2) Smooth the towel flat with your hands. (3) Fold the bottom third of the hand towel towards the middle. (4) Fold the top third downwards to touch the lower edge of the hand towel. (5) Smooth your towel again! (6) Finish the job by folding the right side of the towel over to the left side, lining up the edges. Presto!