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Hammam Towel with Terry

Color: jeans blue
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High-quality, soft 100% cotton hand-loomed hammam towel with at one side terry cloth and the other side flat woven. It is made of one cloth and not made of two materials, so it will not shrink in strange ways. Inspired by classic Ottoman towels and made on traditional looms. Pre-washed, it will not shrink!

Cleaning instructions: Pull the knots of the fringes of the hammam towel before washing (the first time only). Before use, put the hammam towel in cold water for about 12 hours (if possible, not necessary). This will make the fibers stronger and the absorption better. Then wash it at 40 degrees Celcius. Wash your hammam towels with similar colors. Hammam towels can be washed at 60 degrees Celcius and can be tumbled dry. The use of fabric softener can make hammam towels less absorbent. So do not use fabric softener or use as little as possible. We advise not to iron the hammam towels, as it will close the fibers which makes it less absorbent.

Made in Turkey

Dimensions: 170 x 95 cm