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Full Size Toothpaste Le White Sweet Mint Green Tea

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The Le White natural whitening toothpaste. Brighten up your smile and your day with this tea inspired organic toothpaste. The delicate balance of Green Tea rich in anti-oxidants and delicious Sweet Mint from Morocco is the perfect remedy to enjoying your cup of tea. Enriched with Papaya Extracts, the papain enzymes gently eat away at bad bacteria and whiten the teeth naturally while respecting the tooth enamel. Feel empowered and ready to embrace life with your new beautiful smile.

What's IN:

Natural Flavors (Aroma) for mood enhancing

Organic Aloe Vera for natural protection of gums

Organic Green Tea for fluoride free toothpaste

Papaya Extracts for natural teeth whitening


What's OUT:

Fluoride free


SLS free

Artificial coloring free

Triclosan free Saccharing free

Titanium dioxide free

Sulfate free

Gluten free

Microbreads free


The toothpaste for natural toothpaste lovers!