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Flour Sack Tea Towel 100% Cotton 17" x 24"

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These tea towels make up a series of prints based on the theme of "All About the Weather" and are printed on a natural flour sack tea towel. This series was inspired by 70's design vibes and concerns of "weather change" and "global warming."

100% Cotton

Dimensions: 27” x 29”

Hand-printed in Brooklyn, NY, with its imagery and color palette inspired by the designer growing up in South Africa, and the global travels that followed.

From the designer: "Although I didn’t use the name back then, the idea was born in the mid-1980s, at the height of the struggle against apartheid, where my generation of South African artists was challenged to integrate our political activism and new African identity with our artwork and personal style. In those days, we could be found one day printing a new “struggle” T-shirt or banner to support some new campaign, the next day printing dresses or leggings because we couldn’t find the clothes we wanted in stores. Fast forward two decades, add a lot of traveling and a couple of kids, and we are now producing clothing in New York, motivated first and foremost by need (in its current incarnation, the business started out printing T-shirts in a garage on a beach vacation for my own and friends’ kids) using the same perfectly imperfect hand-screen print techniques, and inspired by the same playful universe of images drawn from nature and culture across the four corners of the Earth. We are committed to small, independent, and creative business and design!"