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Candle 240 grams

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240 grams

For an optimal burning experience, trim the candle wick before each use.

Burn time approximately 60 hours.


AMBRE JAPONAIS celebrates the sophisticated art of Japanese gardens. The candle evokes an imaginary place where black peppercorn grows together with coriander seeds and in which bourbon vanilla melds with the toasted scent of sesame and notes of sandalwood. Top Note: coriander seed, black pepper. Heart Note: sandalwood. Base Note: sesame, bourbon vanilla. Family: Oriental.

Far from fire and brimstone, apocalyptic is a wonderfully warm, wood fragrance that opens with the hot metal notes of fire irons melded with the glorious, rare, black raspberry from Oregon. At the center of APOCALYPTIC, the scents of ancient papyrus oakmoss conjure great age while at the base, warm dark woods and the smoldering birch hint at depleted primordial forests. Top Note: fire iron, black raspberry. Heart Note: papyrus, oakmoss. Base Note: dark woods, birch woods. Family: Woody.

Sheltered from the passage of time, libraries (BIBLIOTHEQUE) have the power to teleport us to a world in suspension. The velvety quality of the paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum, and vanilla, and the omnipresent patchouli-like backbone runs through the composition. Top Note: peach, plum. Heart Note: violet, peony. Base Note: patchouli, leather, vanilla. Family: Woody.

Evoking an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties, BOHEMIA is an ode to wandering. A mishmash of scents that blends opoponax with rum, geranium with rosemary, and vanilla with sandalwood and oakmossTop Note: opopanax, rum. Heart Note: geranium, labdanum, rosemary. Base Note: vanilla, sandalwood, moss. Family: Woody.

BURNING ROSE: This rose has the scent of ardent desire. As the candle consumes, the flowery accents are slowly wrapped in leather and rooted in dark woods. Top Note: rose petals. Heart Note: rose absolute, violet, leather. Base Note: birch tree, ebony woods. Family: Floral.

A scent evoking the dizzying effect of a CARROUSEL. A whirlpool of orange peel, rhubarb, cardamom, and fresh fig balanced by a touch of cyclamen, some pale woods, a little vetiver, and amber. Top Note: orange, rhubarb. Heart Note: juicy fig, cyclamen, guava. Base Note: blonde woods, vetiver, amber. Family: Fruity

Masala CHAI is a blend of spices and black tea leaves infused in boiling milk. Its warm and enveloping smell is intimately tied to Ben Gorham’s childhood emotions, to the memory of his grandmother’s home. Each of us carries within ourselves the memory of a familiar place, associated with a smell that is impossible to define because of its density and complexity. The house reflects one’s culture, one’s way of life and is the expression of one’s beliefs; it is a place synonymous with sharing but also with nostalgia. Top Note: ginger zest, clove buds, cardamom. Heart Note: violet, incense, mate. Base Note: warm latte, guaiac wood, birch tree. Family: Woody

COTTON POPLIN: a scent evoking the comforting feeling of freshly-washed linen. White fabric is woven with notes of chamomile, luminous cedar, and tender musk. Top Note: blue chamomile. Heart Note: linen, white cedarwood. Base Note: sweet musk. Family: Floral

FLEUR FANTOME: a scent evoking the imaginary smell of silent flowers. Supposedly odorless varieties are more subtle than we think. A distinguished green blend from which surges the slightly almondy notes of heliotrope and discrete suede. Top Note: rhubarb, lemon petitgrain leaves. Heart Note: violet leaves, tulip extract. Base Note: galbanum, heliotrope, suede. Family: Floral.

LOOSE LIPS: a scent evoking a velvety lipstick imprint. A vintage fragrance of rose and violet petals reminiscent of the vibrant makeup of the 1980s, enriched with a touch of Morello cherry, iris root, and rice powder. Top Note: rose water. Heart Note: violet, morello cherry. Base Note: rice powder, orris butter. Family: Floral.

LOVELESS pays homage to the strange beauty of tuberose, a wild flower with fruity accents. And yet is far from an illustrative bouquet, the scent darkens in contact with black cedar wood and papyrus. Top Note: adoxal, mandarin. Heart Note: petitgrain, wild tuberose. Base Note: papyrus, black cedarwood. Family: Floral.

PEYOTE POEM: Native to Mexico, the peyote cactus is an emblem of the psychedelic era. With its pink flowers, it is said to have hallucinogenic powers. A spicy ode to the creative exuberance of the mind liberated from its ostensibly ordinary fetters. Top Note: Juniper berries, clove buds. Heart Note: Tonka bean, hyacinth, fir. Base Note: vanilla, black amber, patchouli. Family: Oriental.

BYREDO introduces SAFRAN candle reminiscent of winters, sweet bakery treats, and childhood memories. This home fragrance inspired by spices combines sweet saffron and black pepper with delicate notes of labdanum and violet. Amber and vanilla bring a creamy final touch to the fragrance. Top Note: saffron, black pepper. Heart note: labdanum, leather accord, violet. Base Note: patchouli, vanilla, dark amber. Family: Woody.

Some dreamed of a TREE HOUSE as a child. Constructions that blend into their natural. Cedar, bamboo, sandalwood, guaiac wood, and hay. A solid frame dotted with scents of spice, myrrh, and labdanum. Top Note: pimento, bamboo. Heart Note: hay, labdanum, myrrh. Base Note: blond cedarwood, guaiac wood, sandalwood, leather. Family: Woody.

VANQUISH leads us into a dense forest of centuries-old trees. A striking contrast between the damp scent of the undergrowth and the naive fragrance of a flower. Top Note: Eau de rose, green rosebud. Heart Note: ginger, incense. Base Note: cedarwood, guaiac wood, ciste labdanum. Family: Floral.

WOODS: a scent evoking a journey through the forest. The diverse and complex scents of woodland, topped by the soothing energy of cedarwood, contribute to a relaxing fragrance. Heart Note: raspberry. Heart Note: jasmine petals, Tuscan leather. Base Note: ambroxan, white cedarwood. Family: Woody.

The BYREDO candles are all unique scents created for fragrancing the room and home. The candles are hand-made in France using mouthblown glass and cotton wicks. Even though each fragrance has a specific wax formulation, they all come in signature black wax.