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Baby Alpaga Cabinet - Navy with Gold Fringe

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Half animal, half vegetation, the presence of this new piece of furniture is puzzling. This mysterious piece of furniture seems to breathe under its long silky coat. From the very day of his birth, Baby Alpaga is already endowed with long, silky fleece. The only thing he asks for is to snuggle up against a sofa or to sit at your bedside...

His elegant coat gives him the appearance of a miniature standing boudoir, behind which objects and secrets can be discreetly sheltered. The alter ego of intimacy, he reveals his mysteries only to those who have tamed him…

Description: Auxiliary furniture or bedside table

Has a hidden storage

Materials: HPL and viscose

Colored harmony of the fringes: Gold and Champagne

Dimensions: H.72 x L.66 x W.27 cm

Weight: 10 kgs

Made in France