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Argan Oil

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Rose + Lavender: Cold-extracted from the fruit kernels of an ancient Moroccan tree, our “unfiltered” grade of this precious, lightweight oil retains maximal skin hydrating compounds, revitalising nutrients & antioxidants that protect skin cell damage to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Combined with the calming, full-bodied aroma of rose and the light breezy scent of high altitude (hence higher quality) Himalayan lavender.

Clary Sage + Neroli: Cold-extracted from kernels of ancient Moroccan fruit tree, this lightweight oil is unfiltered to retain its maximal skin hydrating and revitalising nutrients, as well as antioxidants that protect skin cell damage to thwart the appearance of wrinkles. Combined with a citrus, floral and subtly herbaceous blend of clary sage and neroli flower oils - a powerhouse of compounds known to repair skin.


Several clinical studies now confirm argan oil’s traditional virtues for skin & hair:

• absorbs fast & easily penetrates | without any greasy residue. Also makes it idea as a hair oil, popularly used for taming frizz, split ends and adding a delicate, natural shine.

• adds moisture | high vitamin E content strengthens skin’s barrier, boosting hydration.

• improve skin elasticity | one 60-day clinical trial of argan oil revealed a “significant increase” in skin’s elasticity (specifically in postmenopausal women).

• oily skin treatment | has shown strong sebum-regulating activity in studies, reducing greasiness and an improved, matte complexion. Applying oils to oily skin is also an age-old remedy that tricks your body into thinking it has enough oils, eventually reducing overproduction. Argan oil's non-greasy feel also makes it ideal.

• wounds, burns & scars | studies have shown the oil to help speed healing from burn scars.

• essential oils | strong cell renewing compounds & protective antioxidants, especially in vitamin C rich rose oil.