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100% Cashmere "Loved" Dripping Heart Sweater

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This "Loved" Dripping Heart Cashmere Sweater for women is a staff favorite! The image is originally from a series of paintings by the designer, who, through a special printing process was able to replicate her painting (with all of the colors dripping through) on this gorgeous women's cashmere sweater.  

100% Cashmere

Stitched with Love, literally

Crew Neck // Long Sleeve // Drop Shoulders

Women's Cashmere sweater

How to wash a cashmere sweater? Fill up your basin with cold water, and then add a mild detergent such as the "Fragranced Laundry Soap" or "Mild Laundry Soap" we sell here at Homebody! Let your cashmere sweater soak in the basin for about 5 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly. Take out your cashmere sweater and fold it up into a ball to get the excess water out. Don’t wring your cashmere, which could stretch out the delicate material. Place your cashmere sweater flat on a towel, and roll it up to remove any remaining water. Lay your sweater on a drying rack. If you don’t own a drying rack, place it between two towels to dry.